Extreme couponing!

Deals I found today while grocery shopping :-) June 28, 2011

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OK so overload on the deals I got today…but thought I’d share a few.

This is what I picked up at Krogers today….man you gotta love those Mega sales!!

  • Of course the  $1 snack size pringles and scanning your CVS card at the coupon scanner and getting a $1 Q making them free
  • Hefty zip/storage bags that are if I can remember like $1.19 if you buy them on the pick 10,  and then there was a $.15 peelie (that said do not double) on each of them making them $1.09 a box.
  • Coke/Pepsi 12 pack cans are 4/$11 (you save $2 if you buy 4)
  • 2 Liter Coke/Pepsi products are $.88 on pick 10
  • there is a $1 Ecpn for the koolaid containers and they are $.99 on the pick 10 so that makes 1 for FREE
  • Bar-S-Franks are 5/$5 and there is a $1/2 Q
  • Oscar Meyer hotdogs are $1.49 on the pick 10 and there are $1/2 Q’s printables and from last weeks inserts.
  • Ball Park Franks are 2/$5 and then there are $.75/2 Q’s….needless to say I stocked up on hotdogs again, especially with all of the cooking out we will be doing for July 4th and get togethers for the summer
  • Mentos gum and for the life of me I can’t hardly remember but I think they are 2/$3 and then there is a $1/3 Q so that makes them pretty cheap
  • Ragu pasta sauce is $1.44 on the pick 10…stock up item as well
  • Chef boyardee pasta is $.69 when you buy on the pick 10
  • Gatorade is also $.69 on the pick 10 sale
  • the 5 box Kraft mac and cheese is $3.69 on the pick 10
  • Suddenly pasta salad’s by Betty Crocker are 2/$3 and then there is a $.50/2 Q making them a $1 a box..also a good stock pile item
  • Totinos Pizzas are $.95 on the pick 10
  • I also did this deal there was a $1.50 Q when you bought 1.5 Quart of Purity Ice Cream and 1 gallon of Purity milk, and I paired that with the $1 off of any Purity Ice Cream, made for a pretty good deal on Purity Milk and Ice Cream.
  • Totinos snack size boxes of Pizza rolls are $1.19 on the pick 10-also a $.50 Q wyb 4 boxes
  • Shout stain wash spray is $2.69 on pick 10 and there was a $1 printable Q online.
  • Host cupcakes are 2/$5 and there was a $1/1 host cupcake printable
  • I also got 1 pack of Mesquite seasoning packet of weber seasoning priced at $.99 and used $1 Q off any weber seasoning…made it FREE!
  • I got 3 canisters of Morton salt priced at $.59 a piece and used a $.35/1 Q on each making them $.11 money makers….so profit of $.33 for all 3
  • Cheetos and Fritos $1.69 on pick 10
  • A-1 steak sauce on sale for $2.99 for 10 oz bottles used the $1/1 Q making them $1.99
  • Milky way candy bars on sale 2/$1 and I used the $1/2 Q printables form awhile back…making them free
  • Breyers ice cream on pick 10 for $2.69 and used $.75/1 Breyers blast making them $1.94 a piece
  • Ritz cracker fulls on pick 10 for $2.49 and used $.75/1 printable Q making them $1.74.
  • Not that I needed any but Kraft BBQ sauce is on the pick 10 for $.69
This is the deals I got at CVS today
  • scanned my CVS card at coupon machine and got $1 of snack size Pringles which are priced at a $1 making them free
  • I also bought one more cannister of the snack size pringles and used the $.50/1 snack size or stickz pringles and paid $.50 for them
  • Old El Paso grilled stuff kit makers on sale for $1.99 and used $1/1 Q making them $.99
  • Palmolive dish soap $.88 and used $.25 Q making them $.63 reg priced at $1.67 🙂
  • Lays potato chips $1.88 ( I was gonna get them at krogers but they were $.10 cheaper here)
  • Dr. Pepper and Coke 2 Liters just $.78 a bottle!!
This is what I got at Wags today
  • 4 Cannisters of Tall Stack Pringles 4/$6 with a $2 RR and used the $1/3 Q from last weeks paper
  • 2 big bags of Licorice 2/$4 with a $1 RR and I used a $.50/1 Q for both making them $1 a bag
  • Oreo cookies on sale 2/$5 and I used a $1/2 off any Nabisco crackers or cookies making them 2/$4
  • Charmin 12 pack basic toilet paper on sale for $5.49 and there is a $.25 Q for that as well
  • Angel Soft Toilet paper 9 double rolls for $4
I felt pretty good about the deals I got today, did a month worths of groceries for $312 (for a family of 5) and saved $232 🙂

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