Extreme couponing!

Please help someone in need June 29, 2011

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Ok fellow couponing friends I have been contacted to help a lady who is struggling tremendously right now.  She is disabled and can not work, can’t hardly do for her self, her husband left her, no children to depend on.  She applied for disablity awhile back, she use to work and after getting hurt was unable to work, and it took her a very long time to even get approved for the benefits.  She spent the whole time off work scrapping by trying to make ends meet. When she received her back pay for the social security she thought the smart thing to do was go and put it toward a small piece of land and a trailer so she would always have some where to live.  Now she receives a small amount every month and it’s running just enough to pay her utilities with barely any thing left over for groceries.  She tried to applied for food stamps and was turned away because…get this, she owned the land and her trailer she lived in.  She has not asked for anything, friends of her’s are the one’s that have contacted me, and I can only do so much.  I am going to gather as much as I can from my own stock pile to donate, and I am asking if anyone has even just one item to donate it would be very much appreciated. Things like the basic necessities, and food items, toiletries….anything would help this lady. If you are interested in helping please call me at 931-544-3384. Thanks, Karma D. Carter.


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