Extreme couponing!

Saving Star, upload to your store cards and get paid back for purhases on select items!!! July 13, 2011

Filed under: couponing,coupons,store deals — savycentsavers @ 11:03 pm

So now I’ve discovered this site called Saving Star and it looks pretty awesome to me. You go to their site and upload your store cards…and you can do more than one, and every little bit, probably every month you can upload E-cpns to it…which these are different, you can still use these with Manufacturer Coupons and Store coupons. They do not come off immediately, once you reach $5 in savings then you can choose for them to deposit the funds into your pay pal account, checking account, or receive it in Amazon giftcards, and Saving Star pays you back the amount of the E-cpn. Yep looks good to me, it’s not alot of money but it’s a little extra here and there, and when used with other in store sells and manufacturer coupons, could help out quite a bit. It’s almost like a rebate 🙂 The savings post in 7-30 days. So go get signed up HERE to start saving!

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Hope everyone has a blessed day!


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