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Swagbucks Policy Change: Multiple Accounts Per Household Allowed! July 13, 2011

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OH THIS IS VERY EXCITING!!! Makes me super 🙂 Swagbucks blog has now confirmed that you may have more than one swagbucks account per a household…still only one per person, but now your spouses, kids…grandpa whoever lives with you can have their own account!!! Sooo if you’ve not signed up for swagbucks go on over HERE and get going on earning swagbucks to turn in and get FREE giftcards, household items, games, movies, jewerly, dishes…almost anything you can imagine. Oh and don’t forget when you sign up for the first time you get $30 FREE swagbucks to get you going!! I have already received almost $60 FREE in Amazon giftcards, and plan on having Christmas for my kids for FREE this year, just by using swagbucks to get my amazon giftcards for free. And all I have to do is search using my swagbucks tool bar, watch short videos, play games, take a daily poll, surveys…and the list goes on and on!! So what are you waiting for, get to swaggin!!! 😉

*Thank you Freebieshark!!!

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Hope everyone has a blessed day!


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