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FREE Sample of Huggies ‘Snug & Dry’ Diapers (NEW Offer!) July 21, 2011

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GO HERE for a free sample of Huggies ‘Snug and Dry’Diapers from Walmart.com! Just click on the get a free sample button. Allow 4 weeks for delivery!

*Thank you FreebieShark!!


One Response to “FREE Sample of Huggies ‘Snug & Dry’ Diapers (NEW Offer!)”

  1. M. Higgins Says:

    I have used a lot of diapers between my son and my daughter. I have tried many different brands, and I just love Huggies. I have never had any problems, and I feel they are good quality. The only time my kids ever leaked is when we use generic diapers or the Pampers baby dry (Pampers Cruisers are great, too!). I have always found that elastic waisted diapers work better and fit better, especially with mobile babies!

    Little tip I learned: In my experience, if you don’t unfold the elastic around the thigh before you put them on, the diapers will leak. It’s not enough to just open them up and slap them on. When I started fully opening the diapers before putting them on, I stopped having a problem with leaks. (Of course, when you have a morning diaper that weighs a few pounds, it will leak for a different reason!!)

    Also, I’ve seen a few reviews from parents who have stated that the Huggies bought online are of lower quality than what they have purchased in the stores. In my experience, I have never had this problem purchasing from Amazon, and I have never found this to be true. The Huggies I purchase from Amazon appear to be the same great Huggies I’ve always bought from my local grocery store, and local Walmart , and they react the same as any other “store purchased” diapers, with the exception that they arrive on my doorstep.

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