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Info on missing Inserts from the Tennessean July 24, 2011

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OK so I have posted this a couple times before but I am not for sure that anyone is catching this. The reason you are not getting any where with the Tennessean when you call, email…whatever you do is because they have NOTHING to do with the delivery of our paper in Cookeville and surrounding areas. THE PERSON you have to contact if you have a complaint (and I know this because I sat on the phone for almost 3 hours to finally get in contact with the man over the whole Tennessean in Nashville and he told me that they have nothing to do with our papers, if we have a complaint we have to talk to Midnight Distributors) the man’s name is Jim and you can reach him at 931-854-0076. BELIEVE IT OR NOT he actually personally called me back this evening when I called and asked why I did not get my delivery for the $.99 promo…and the answer to that is, that is through the Tennessean and they do not deliver in this are, Midnight Distributors delivers in Putnam co. and 9 surrounding counties. (I will see if I can get a list on this to pinpoint where he is delivering). SOOOO the southern standard, is not affiliated with the Tennessean or any other paper in this area, so it is possible for them to get inserts and our papers not, still not sure why there are one insert missing on one side of the town and both not on the other side of the town….it’s still a mystery to me. BUT needless to say there is something not right about all of the missing inserts…and the only way we’re going to get any where is to call JIM at MIDNIGHT DISTRIBUTORS and leave messages (because I can probably bet money on he will not answer the phone, but let him know you would like a call back and he should call back.) Everyone that is having issues is going to have to call…I can not do it for all of us….and the only way anything is going to get done is if we let him know how unhappy we are…and I would be letting him know if something is not done, he is going to start losing business! We are all able to go to a clipping service and buy our papers…and we can go to Crossville if we have to..or other counties that the Midnight Distrubtors isn’t delivering to…but call and let your voice be heard. Thanks everyone and let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. I am unfortunatly a little frustrated, for I did not go to get a paper today since I assumed (and assumed wrong) that my paper would be delivered today…so I missed out this week, yet again!


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