Extreme couponing!


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BTW…NEWS ALERT NEW COUPON POLICY UPDATE @ KROGERS!!! Tonight I was made aware of a new Q Policy from Krogers, apparently we can now only use 3 LIKE coupons per an item per a transaction…per a kroger card! I do not have very many details, I did talk to the assistant manager…but he wants me to call back Monday to speak to the manager that set this in place…this is at Cookeville Krogers, I was also told this is ALL Krogers. I did get a copy of their updated policy, it does not state anything about the coupons being limited, the only rule that I could be showed by the manager was 1. The manager has the right to exclude, limit, or not take any coupon! BEWARE, every cashier has been informed of this and you will not be allowed to do it at all. My advice to all of you is to get on the phone and call corporate and complain!! NOW this is not fair to us that do not take advantage of couponing…but apparently Kroger’s is getting alot of slack from corporate from their shelves being wiped out….so I say to the couponers that have like 500 coupons of things and go in on Sunday and wipe them out for a week, thank you, because now you have ruined it for all of us. We need to speak our voice (those of us that do what we are suppose to do) and hope they hear us. Make sure to let them know you will take your business elsewhere! This is getting ridiculous and somethings gonna have to give!!! FOR GOODNESS SAKES THIS IS AMERICA!!! I was also told that either CVS or Walgreens is limiting too, but I have not got to confirm this since it was like midnight that I found this out at Krogers. As soon as I have more details I will let everyone know. 😦  If anyone has any other info please leave me a comment below, thanks.

Just for those of you that would like to call corporate here is their number: 1-866-221-4141 


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