Extreme couponing!


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(Thank you to thegrocerygame.com for this post…I just shared, and posted links to their page!!)

Along with the “Extreme Couponing” craze comes a barrage of questions concerning the health of food purchased with coupons. Let me say this loud and clear… COUPONS ARE NOT JUST FOR JUNK FOOD! There are countless healthy coupons for natural*, organic, whole grain, and many healthy foods. You just have to know where to look!

Starting with the newspaper, many people get turned off by what they see pictured in the newspaper coupons. There seem to be a lot of coupons for junk food, or food that you wouldn’t buy. Occasionally, you see coupons for Muir Glen, Cascadian Farm or other “organic” food manufacturers. You may even see the word “organic” on coupons for tofu or eggs for example. Admittedly, on the surface, there don’t appear to be many organic or even natural foods coupons. BUT don’t throw out the baby with the bath. The problem is most people think, “That’s it?” Far from it!… Here’s what you’re missing…

Find hidden organic coupons! Yes, there are numerous organic coupons disguised as regular coupons in your Sunday paper. Many coupons that don’t say “organic” DO have organics in their product line. For example, Bertolli pasta sauce and a Classico pasta sauce coupons don’t specify “organic”, nor do they picture “organic” pasta sauce. But here’s the kicker… both have organics in their line! Ah ha! So you can use them to buy organic Bertolli pasta sauce, and organic Classico pasta sauce because they both read “good on any”. Starbucks and Yuban both issue seemingly non-organic coupons, but both companies carry organic coffee in their lines of products. Even though the picture is of regular coffee, if it reads “good on any”, you can use them to buy organic Starbucks or organic Yuban coffee. But that’s not all… Almost every major food manufacturer now carries organic in their line of products: Hunts, Del Monte, Kraft, Newman’s Own, Ragu…** I could go on and on! So don’t just look on the surface or at the picture, find out what each manufacturer carries in their line of products. NOW you have a lot more organic and natural food buying power!!!

But there’s more… MUCH more… Here’s another place to find organic and natural coupons…

Companies that are exclusively organic or natural tend to be on the fringes of major marketing, so many of them do not participate on a regular basis with marketing via the FSIs, or “free standing inserts” in the newspaper. But many of them DO offer coupons on their individual websites. Since it’s sort of like trying to find a needle in the haystack, we created a whole page in “Teri’s Coupon Center” dedicated to link you up to numerous individual manufacturers’ websites with coupons that you can print.

I started working my way through alphabetically, and just “A” through “C” has the following natural, organic or otherwise healthy coupon offerings:

Alexia – all natural

Almond Breeze – almond milk

Annie Chun’s – all natural Asian food

Apple & Eve Juice – has organic in their line

Arrowhead Mills – organic peanut butter, organic flour, organic rice, and more…

Back to Nature – all natural foods

Bakery on Main – gourmet naturals

Barbara’s – all natural cereals and more

Bear Naked – all natural foods

Ben & Jerry’s – has organic ice cream

Best Life – healthier butters and spreads – no hydrogenated oils

Bossa Nova juice – organic acai

Brown Cow – all natural yogurt

Cascadian Farm – organic cereals, organic frozen fruit, organic frozen vegetables, organic jam, and more…

Cherrybrook Kitchen – all natural, gluten free, allergy free, etc.

Clif Bar – natural, whole grain, and carries organic

Country Choice Organic

Crunchmaster – all natural, gluten free, various grain alternatives to wheat

And that was just the first three letters. GO HERE for much more:

So that’s two places that you can find organic, natural or healthy coupons:

  1. Hidden organic coupons in the newspaper (“good on any”)
  2. Individual manufacturers’ websites.

Now that you know there are lots more healthy coupons than you once thought, don’t let me hear you say, “Coupons are just for junk food”!!!

* At www.TheGroceryGame.com, we never advocate the unethical use of coupons. Manufacturers invite you to use many of their coupons on “any” products in their line, including organic! Please be sure to read the coupons and use them in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

**  Unlike “USDA certified organic”, “Natural” is a term that is not standardized or monitored by the USDA. However, you can read on each manufacturer’s website about what their version of natural means. Certain manufacturers have great standards for “natural” that you may agree with and trust, while you may not like others. Typically, “natural” will cost less than “organic” as the high cost of organic certification has to be passed on to the consumer. “Natural” can be a good alternative as long as you feel the food is produced or grown in a way that satisfies your specific needs and desires.


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