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Free USB Car Charger from 1SaleaDay! July 30, 2011

Filed under: Freebies — savycentsavers @ 12:42 am

If you’ve not already heard of 1SaleaDay…go like them on facebook, they offer some really awesome freebies with free shipping!! Today they are offering a Free USB Car Charger….When you’re late for work, you can’t wait around for your cellphone to charge. Power up while in your car with the Universal USB Car Charger. Designed for use with most USB powered devices, the charger has a low profile that fits in most power sockets. An LED status light signals when the adapter is plugged in. Use with your existing USB cable and top off your phone’s battery while stuck in traffic.

GO HERE to their facebook page to like them, and after you receive a freebie from them go back to their wall and leave a comment on the item you received…let them know how much you liked it and so forth. Once you’ve like their facebook page then go HERE to get your FREE USB car charger with free shipping. Keep in mind you do have to add your credit/debit card number, but this is a very safe and secure site, and I’ve been using it for several months with no problems…never no unexpected charges…and you only enter it in one time. Make sure to watch them on facebook or on my blog for future freebies or really discounted items!!!


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