Extreme couponing!

Swaggers earn 34 swagbucks, super easy!!! New people earn 30 free swagbucks just for signing up now!! July 30, 2011

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Alright fellow swaggers if you’ve not seen the newest offer from Trial Play, take a few minutes to login and go to the 34sb offer on the slider menu (for Oscar Mayer), you’ll be entering in to win the items in Jewels (the singer of course lol) purse…and also snagging a quick easy 34 sb’s!!

If you’ve not already signed up for swagbucks and wanna earn points to trade in for items like Amazon giftcards, O’Charley’s giftcards, househould items, games, and even money to add to your pay pal account (real money)…and much much more, then go HERE to sign up and earn 30 free swagbucks just for signing up!!! SO that’s a total of 64 swagbucks just for signing up tonight…you’ll be on your way for an awesome FREEBIE in not time!!

WHAT is Swagbucks you ask???

You can earn swagbucks, in essential these are points that can be traded in for great prizes…even money added to your paypal account!!

  • Searching the Web-super easy!!
  • Watch Videos-super easy!!!
  • Trusted Surveys
  • Inviting Your Friends to Join-super easy!!!
  • Shopping in our Shop & Earn Mall
  • Completing Special Offers
  • Voting in the Daily Polls
  • Finding Swag Codes
  • Sending In Prize Photos and Videos
  • Trading In Cell Phones And Video Games
  • Print off and redeem coupons (actual store coupons for items that everyone purchases daily!)
We all do alot  of these things every day online, so why not join a trusted, FREE community and earn points while doing them…and get FREE items like I have and so has so many more people!!!
What to do with your swagbucks?

Earn Swag Bucks periodically by taking part in one or more of the activities listed above!

Redeem your Swag Bucks for exclusive Swagbucks.com products and more in the Swag Store. I’ve already earned $60 free in Amazon giftcards…Christmas is going to be FREE this year, thank you to Swagbucks!!!


SO GO NOW and sign up HERE to get going in swagbucks…and become one of the newest swaggers!!!


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