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NEW Swagbucks code for 6sb’s super easy expires July 31, 2011

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Hurry over to the swagbucks blog HERE to get the new code for an easy 6sb’s once you find the code, just copy and paste it in the GIMME box on your profile page under swagbucks. Remember the code is super easy to spot made up of Capital and lower case letters liKe tHiS (a captcha). This code expires at 6pm.

IF you’ve not joined swagbucks then GO HERE to sign up. When you sign up you will receive 30 free Swagbucks to get you started! Use your swagbucks (points)at the swagbucks store for some pretty awesome prizes like:
$5, $25, or $50 Amazon giftcards(btw this is how I am paying for Christmas this yr…FREE)

  • A large variety of other gifcards for stores and restaurants
  • Jewelry
  • Books
  • Consoles & Video Games
  • Digital Wallpapers
  • Things for your kids
  • Kitchen Essentials
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Posters & Prints
  • School Supplies
  • Sports & Collectibles
  • Trading Cards

….and much much more!

How to get swagbucks:

  • BIRTHDAY: (make sure to list your correct birthdate because every yr you will receive 50swagbucks just for your birthday!
  • SEARCH ENGINE: The easiest way to earn Swagbucks is to use swagbucks as a search engine. You will randomly be rewarded swagbucks for your searches throughout the day. At midnight (10pm PST / 1am EST) you have a higher chance of winning multiple times. Fridays are Mega Swagbucks Days and you have a higher chance of winning a larger amount of swagbucks on a search. Typically you are rewarded swag bucks for your searches 3-5 times per day, sometimes more, sometimes less.
  • CODES: There are other ways to earn swagbucks as well. TSG (The Swag Guy) will release codes randomly (usually once a day…sometimes twice or more). Someone will usually post “CODE ALERT” on here and you will know that a code has been released. The codes can be found in a number of places including the Blog or hidden somewhere on the swagbucks page. Once you find the code, paste it into the “Gimme” box on your homepage. It is okay to post hints in this group however Swagbucks does not allow for the actual code to be posted anywhere; it is considered cheating. You can find the blog on the Swagbucks homepage on the left hand side.
  • PARTNER CODES: Occasionally you will see a “partner code alert”. This is on a site other than swagbucks but you get swag bucks awarded for this code. The swag bucks awarded will show up in your regular swag bucks ledger, however you can only redeem them for prizes on the partner code site or swagstakes on the main site. You can use them after you have drained out all of your regular swagbucks. (For example…if you had 500 regular swagbucks and 10 partner bucks your ledger would say 510….you’d have to cash in all of 500 swagbucks and be left with 10 swagbucks in order to use them on a swagstakes).
  • GUARANTEED 3 SB A DAY: A few other great ways to earn bucks are located under the “Earn” tab on the swagbucks homepage. The Daily Polll, Trusted Surveys and NOSO are always worth 1 sb a day. With the NOSO you just skip, skip, skip through it.
  • SPECIAL OFFERS: The best way to earn swagbucks is with the Special Offers. Be warned before you do one, that it is best to set up a separate email to use just for them and a Google Voice phone number (they are free). The Special Offers are worth a ton of points, but you will receive spam emails like crazy from them! We try to post the ones that work the best for us on here so if you come across one that works, please post it! The insurance offers are always good and credit 200-400 swagbucks at once.
  • SWAGTV: Another great way to earn Swagbucks is through Swagtv. The “swag meter” will show you how long until you receive your swagbucs. Every 10 videos you will receive 3sb with a maximum of 75sb.
  • TRUSTED SURVEYS: Trusted Surveys are also great for receiving a large amount of swagbucks as well. You can also find a new daily survey each day under Tapjoy (under Special Offers) and Superrewards (also under Special Offers).

PRIZES/GIFT CARDS: Most people redeem their swagbucks for Amazon gift cards. You can redeem 2 prizes per day and 5 of the same prize per month. It is best to get your five $5 Amazon gift cards, then the $50 then the $25 in that order. After ordering your Amazon gift card it will take 10-14 days to post to your account. You will receive a code that you can load into your Amazon account. You can stack as many gift cards as you want on any purchase and the codes will not expire in your Amazon account.
-thank you to the swagernauts facebook page:-)


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