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Please help!! Go VOTE!!! September 7, 2011

Filed under: life — savycentsavers @ 10:12 pm

Even if you know these kids please help them out and go and vote for their idea, the kids of Scott Co. TN have entered into Pepsi’s Refresh contest. The idea they have submitted is: “Buy band uniforms and some new instruments”. They will win $5,000 to go toward new band uniforms and instruments. I think this is an awesome idea and I hope each of you will take a few minutes to go to the page and click the vote button. Each person can vote once a day up to September 30th. Right now they are running in 14th place but they could make it to the top with everyone’s votes. McKayla York of Scott Co. High is the young lady that submitted this idea! Remember if you have kids or grandkids how important these things are for us, so help them out and go vote and share with all of your friends and family as well. We wish them all the best, and thank each and everyone of you for you votes!


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